Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ShowMe Videos created by your classmates

Check out lessons on ShowMe to refresh, review, or learn lessons from your classmates! These videos are excellent resources available to you at anytime. Thank you to all of those students who helped to create our class lessons! You guys are awesome!!! :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tuesday 11/29/11

Hi Guys! Okay new lesson! I kinda like making these videos and knowing you're watching them while I'm away. Hopefully you're learning from them so that we don't skip a beat just because I'm out. Today's video has a really noisy background. Sorry. I had to record it in the bathroom because my family was asleep and I didn't want to wake anyone up. (I was in the bathroom sitting on the floor, in case you're wondering. I wasn't using the bathroom. Just thought I'd clarify that statement.) Anyhow, the lesson is titled, "Writing Linear Equations in Slope-Intercept Form Given Two Points." I hope you guys know that I'm expecting you to take notes as you watch the videos, not just sit and watch. Pretend like I'm actually there teaching it. Oh, I'm hoping you all figured out that you can maximize the video just like you would on YouTube, right? Please maximize so everyone can see. Thanks. :)

I'll be back tomorrow and we'll review Monday's lesson and today's lesson in case some of you get stuck. Just do your best and ask each other for help. Take care and be good. Miss y'all!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hey Kids! Sorry I'm out Monday and Tuesday. I'm still in NYC visiting my nephew. I have a new app that records my voice while I write on my iPad, so I created a lesson for Monday. You need to watch all three links for Monday. On Tuesday, there will be new links posted for Tuesday's lesson. I hope it goes well. I showed it to a couple kids in your class in advance and they thought it was pretty easy to understand. I'd love it if you'd leave a comment on our blog and let me know what you think. It'll help me to improve Tuesday's lesson if I know what is working for our class and what is difficult to understand. In advance, I apologize for the messy hand writing. It was a little tough to write on the iPad with just my finger and the stylist was too noisy and squeaky in the recording.

If you need help, ask Coach Davis. Also ask each other for help on the assignment. In period 2/3, Samantha, Seleste and Ximena are good Go-To classmates/mini-teachers. In period 4/5, Maria and Aidde are pretty solid in this unit, so I'd ask them for help. You are all awesome, but in the event that you need some extra help, I am pretty confident that the kids I've mentioned can help you out while I'm away. Take care of each other and our classroom! If you need anything, feel free to text me. Otherwise, be good and I'll see you guys on Wednesday!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Class Videos

Check out our new class videos on the right side of the blog...you guys were fantastic!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thinking of You While I'm Gone...

Hi Kiddos. I just wanted to post on our blog to keep connected with you while I'm out. Hopefully, you are already being good like you are for me. Some of you already know what you will be doing Thurs, Fri, and Mon. To recap, you will continue to work on Solving Algebraic Equations.

Here is what I have planned:
THURSDAY: 1st Station Rotation, 2nd assignment with 10 problems.
FRIDAY: Watch the YouTeach videos that support the Solving Algebraic Equations assignment with 30 problems...yes, you need to do all of them. :)
MONDAY: 1st Warm-Up Word Problem, 2nd Test Review.

Please use your time wisely and be accountable for your own learning. You are responsible for ALL class work. I expect to see a STACK of COMPLETED assignments when I return on Tuesday. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful family learning environment. With that said, please ask your fellow classmates for help whenever you need it. You are all top-notch students, but just like life, your moment to shine happens when you are ready. Our key players and teacher assistants for this unit are: Periods 2/3-SELESTE, MARLENE, KEVIN, XIMENA & SHEILY; Periods 4/5-ANGEL, MARIA, KEKA, & AIDDE. I am spotlighting these students for you to know who are excellent resources for help, especially if I am absent. I am confident that these students are capable of answering your questions.

Reminder!!! CHAPTER 2 TEST on Solving Algebraic Equations next week, Tuesday or Wednesday.

If you need to get a hold of me for something important or have a question that just can't wait until I return, a couple students have my PERSONAL cell phone number. You can ask permission from the substitute to text me (do not text anyone else during class!) I trust all of you to keep my phone number within our little algebra family...Ms. De Los Reyes is NOT a fan of creepy stalkers, so please keep my number safe and private.

I already miss you guys...be good and have a great weekend! Enjoy Homecoming if you are going and take lots of pics to show me later.