Friday, May 4, 2012

Go Wreck on the STAAR EOC!!! Tues. May 8th

The time has come to put all of our hard work to the test.

Here are some helpful reminders:

1- BE WELL RESTED...go to bed early. No later than 10pm, please.
2- EAT A HEALTHY BREAKFAST...think fruit, cereal, toast, bacon, eggs, breakfast tacos, juice, McMuffin, etc. A healthy breakfast does NOT include Takis and a Coke!
3- ARRIVE AT SCHOOL ON TIME...No later than 7:30am. Testing rooms close at 8:15am!
4- GO TO THE'll save yourself a trip during testing.
5- RELAX and FOCUS...this is not the time to goof around with your friends.
6- MENTALLY PREPARE YOURSELF...testing will be four hours long, plan to spend 3-4 hours completing the test.

You guys are awesome! Do your very best!

Love y'all!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thursday, Jan. 12 & Friday, Jan. 13

Hi Guys! So I'm in Atlanta,GA right now. The two lessons that I am leaving you will be on ShowMe. The lesson covers Solving a System of Linear Equations using two different methods...1) Graphing Method and 2) Substitution Method. Begin with the ShowMe on The Graphing Method and then go on to the Independent Practice that corresponds with the lesson. After the entire class is finished and ready to move on, watch the ShowMe on The Substitution Method. You can watch the video on Thursday or Friday. Just be sure to begin the Independent Practice for The Substitution Method by Friday so everyone gets enough time to finish the assignment. If you finish the assignment, show Sheily (2/3 period) or Maria (4/5 period) to receive your completion star stamp. Keep these in your binder and I will go over it on Tuesday when we return from MLK Holiday.

If you have any questions, ask the substitute, your classmates, or Coach Davis. If it is important, you can text me.

Be good as always! See you Tuesday!